Inspired by my research in developmental psychology, I explored the influence of family over children and the complex nature of psychological experiences. I used a wide variety of media, such as brass, copper mesh and latex, to create body adornments that express my thoughts about depression, trauma and childhood. My interest in botany and medical devices contributes to the organic and sculptural form of my works.


Parental Control and Children's Depressive Symptoms

Based on my psychology study about children's depression and parental control, I adopted naturalistic observation and interview as new methods to approach children and parents who suffered from unpleasant family relationship and depressive emotion. I invited 8 pairs of children and parents to participate in this research-based art project, separately interviewed them for their true thoughts and feelings about their struggle. I extracted and transformed this information into five pieces of interactive jewelry visualizing children’s depression and conflicting relationship with parents. Then I invited each pair of child and parent to put on a pair of interactive jewelries as a way to evoke resonance between them.

***Disclaimer: the models in the photos below are not partcipants in the project due to participants' privacy concerns***

thesis-secret hunt
Secret Hunt
Permanent Gaze

XY2Z3 Metals BFA Exhibition at Link Gallery, Champaign, IL May 2016