Chef K

Chef Koochooloo (Chef K) is a NSF-granted educational technology start-up based in Mountain View, CA. It provides children playful STEAM learning experiences through a gamified cooking curriculum.

During my summer internship with Chef K in 2019, I investigated issues of the user flow in the current prototype, designed the interface for Chef K's teacher portal, and summarized insights from preliminary user interviews and a makert analysis.

Below are samples of some of my work at Chef K.


UX Design

UX Research

Game Design


Sarah Davie

Grace Lee


Jul 2019 - Sep 2019



Teachers can manage students' learning progress and checked on individual students' current progress, feedback for cooking recipes, and assessment scores.

Order Status

Teachers keep track of orders and view previous orders, which made it more convenient for them to place the same order again.


The slide-show style lesson page gives teachers easier control over the course content. Teachers can easily drag and drop, or hide lesson modules in the edit mode of a lesson plan.