Designer | Researcher | Artist

I'm passionate about leveraging the power of emerging technology to engage people in playful learning experiences and behavior changes.

What I am up to...

Job Searching
I'm seeking a position in UX research and/or design. Email me if you want to chat about potential opportunities.

I'm designing a new pilot study at the Stanford SHAPE Lab based upon a previous study on swarm robots.
More information will be released after Feb 2020 - we are preparing for a publication!

UX Research & Design
To help young professhionals and families reclaim their screen time, I've been interviewing users and compiling an analysis of user feedback for ScreentimeGenie, a web tool created by a cross-functional team from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab.
The New York Times recently published an article "Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem", telling a bit more background story for the screen time issue we are addressing (and thanks for mentioning our ScreentimeGenie).


I'm reading Artful Design by Ge Wang, and the Arts and Human Development by Howard Gardner.

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