Researcher | Artist

I'm passionate about leveraging the power of emerging technology to engage people in playful behavior changes and learning experiences.

What I am up to...

Osmo life
I'm working as an UX researcher at Osmo.

I'm designing a new pilot study at the Stanford SHAPE Lab based upon a previous study on swarm robots.
Due to Corona Virus, we temporarily suspended our proposed pilot tests and rescope our project.

UX Research & Design
To help young professhionals and families reduce unwanted screen time, I've been interviewing users and compiling an analysis of user feedback for ScreentimeGenie, a web tool created by a cross-functional team from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab.
The New York Times recently published an article "Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem", telling a bit more background story for the screen time issue we are tryinng to address.

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